Wedding for the Minimalism and Nature Lovers

It seems as we live in the world where luxury and grandeur are more often sought after, there are those who still want it simple and minimalistic.

This, in fact, is becoming a trend most especially in catering service and styling for weddings in the Philippines. Deviating from the usually extravagant details of the design and arrangement using all kinds of materials including artificial accessories, couples would go for an all- natural elements with the most basic tones.

Yes, and this means including woods, green leaves, flowers – all fresh from nature- in the venue and table setups, in green, white and beige. Basic, you may say, but you will be surprised at how elegant the output is.

Take a look at this eco- minimalist – themed wedding reception.

These are photos of our setup in one of Batangas’ Most Scenic Wedding Venues (link), as we have featured once in our blog, Baserri de Lipa located in Brgy. Sto. Nino Lipa City.

At Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we have the highest regard to our clients’ preferences not only of the food to be served but the overall design and ambiance they want for their event. For this one, the bride wanted to have a natural feel and look for the wedding reception. She also expressed her wants for more candles, books and natural materials on the table, and we were than excited to work the design out for her. And so a lot of greens and white flowers were used as centerpiece, including phycus and cypress.

Harmony is the magic word. The team paid keen eyes at the tiniest details of our styling with our co- supplier, from the color to the materials.

Do you want this style for your wedding? It’s easy. Contact US and let’s make that picture in your head come true!

4 thoughts on “Wedding for the Minimalism and Nature Lovers

  1. Ana bette pleto says:

    Hi! I love your styling in this event. With this kind of set-up, how much does it usually cost?

    We’ll have our wedding in January 2020 and still in the look for suppliers. I have known your team before as i attended a wedding you have catered in 2015. May i have a list of your packages. Thank you!

  2. Celeste Gonzales says:


    Please send me your quotation for an intimate beach wedding package for 40-50pax. Tentative date on 22 January 2020.

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