Top 3 Most Frequently- Asked Questions in Cesca’s Kitchen’s Inbox

It has been raining inquiries! Wow!

We at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering are so thankful to you, everyone for being interested in our services and sending us queries. We are more than pleased to answer all of them on our FACEBOOK PAGE and via EMAIL. Since we started our catering service in Batangas, messages of appreciation and inquiries keep coming in our pages. We are awed!

Today, we’d like to help you further by answering some of the questions we frequently received from you. We hope to guide you through the services we could offer to make you feel at ease and confident of your event whether it’s wedding, birthday, baptismal, parties or corporates events like product launching and meetings.

So, let’s start?

1. “What are your best sellers? Any recommendation?”

We feel you. Who doesn’t want the best dishes for an important day, right? Cesca’s Kitchen has a long list of our best selling appetizers, main courses, and desserts so you have a lot to choose from. You may check our packages and menu HERE.

But if you are still wondering what dish our previous clients keep choosing, it’s this:

Our very special Pot Roast Beef. It’s all meat, savory and very presentable. However, it doesn’t mean it will go well with just any main course you are going to choose. Two dry dishes or two with sauces, must not go together. Two sour dishes or two sweet courses are not recommended.

But we got your back here because we give suggestions on combinations of dishes that will complement your choice.

2. “What’s a basic set-up or styling and how do they look like?”

Great question. As a catering service provider, we offer basic and upgraded set-ups for your event. Here are some photos to give you an idea what they look like.

 Basic backdrop

Upgraded Backdrop

Basic Table Set-up

Upgraded Table Set-ups

Hope these give you a glimpse.

3. “In what venues are you accredited at? Any recommendation for us?”

The last in this list, yet one of the most commonly asked: the venue. In our years of experience in catering in Lipa City and different spots in Batangas, we catered to clients in a number of different types of venues, from pavilions, gardens to resorts and beaches.

Here’s a list of venues where we are accredited to provide our service:

    1. Summit Point Golf and Country Club

    2. La Finca Farm and Country Resort

    3. Palazzo De Antonio

    4. Villa Belinda Resort

    5. Casa Luminaria

    6. Baserri de Lipa

    7. Log House Resort

    8. Villa Natura Resort

    9. Rose Villas Resort

    10. Valentino Resort

    11. Shercon Resort

    12. Awilihan Resort, Tanauan

    13. Victoria’s Place, Lipa

    14. Sa Manggahan, Malvar Batangas

    15. Tanauan Events Center

    16. Villa Salome, Alitagtag

…and a lot of clubhouses around Batangas area! We also provide our service in many different venues in the province and nearby cities. Just tell us where you want your event to take place and we’ll have Cesca accredited there for you.

And there you have it! Did we help you with these answers? We hope we did and we hope you keep coming back to this site and our page for more information and exciting shares we have for you. But before that, why not share this with someone you know who needs this info?

Have a great day!

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