Rustic Theme Wedding at Lipa Verde Clubhouse

Wondering what a wedding at a clubhouse looks like? Hi. At Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we have been receiving a number of inquiries about where could be a perfect venue for a wedding. Is it in a garden, a resort, or simply in a clubhouse? Well, it always depends on your preference. All these are good […]


What Matters Most: Cesca’s Kitchen Personal Message

Great day everyone! Here at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering blog, we share with you through our posts our latest styling and catering gigs, our setups, some tips, trivia and much useful information every week. But today, we’d like to share something very personal with us on the team. It’s about you. Recently, we found a review […]


A Nautical Themed Wedding at Summit Point Lipa City, Batangas

If you are not feeling this enough then let us state it once again: it’s summer! The heat of the season is everywhere these days. We are loving it and the bright days it brings. However, if you are having your wedding on a bright summer day in the Philippines, we know you are a […]


12 Couple’s Areas for Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Reception in Batangas

Hello, everyone! Do you still remember your special spot on your wedding day? Or are you one of those about to tie the knot this year and is thinking about that picture- perfect stage where you and your guests can capture the moments together on that big day? Today at Cesca’s Kitchen, we want to […]


5 Reasons to Love Rustic Vintage Wedding at Casa Luminaria this 2018

It’s 2018! Happy new year, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. It’s a brand new year ahead, and Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is still here to share with you a lot of stuff about wedding themes and motifs, wedding venues in Lipa City, Batangas and nearby cities, food, celebrations, events and many others […]


This is Going to be Your Next Reception Motif

Hi! We are so excited to share with you today one of our catering setups at Summit Point, one of the sassiest wedding venues in Lipa City and nearby cities. Today’s feature highlights the setup’s motif : the ever elegant midnight blue.  Midnight blue is becoming a top pick motif in Cesca’s Kitchen Catering‘s recent wedding […]


10 Wedding Cakes for Any Type of Woman

Weddings are not complete without a delectable cake on the side. In fact, sometimes these cakes are spotlight stealers in the reception area. Well, if wedding cakes are these gorgeous, it’s no doubt they could actually catch your guests’ eyes. But admit it or not, one of the most crucial choices we make in our […]


5 Cupcake Tables We Wish we Have at Home

Oh yes! We’re not done yet giving you some sweet treats. Today, Cesca’s Kitchen is taking you to a cupcake table hopping treat! Here are 5 of the most favorite cupcake tables loved by our clients. That cupcake Ferris wheel gives us some feels! Walking by this in the kitchen in the morning. What a life! […]


Cute and Cool Wedding Cake Ideas by Cesca and Partner Suppliers

Welcome back to CESCA’s CAKE SERIES! If you loved our last blog about simple and classic cake ideas from our partner suppliers, there’s no way you won’t like today’s feature: Cute and Cool! Ready to go giggly? Here they are: Pastel is so princess-like. Agree? How about these cunning cupcakes around a delightfully flower – […]


Simple and Classic Wedding Cake Ideas by Cesca and Partner Suppliers

Welcome to CESCA’s CAKE SERIES! Because it’s the sweetest season of the year, we’re giving you some tooth-aching but absolutely heart- warming cakes from Cesca and our partner suppliers. Here’s a peek at this blog’s highlight, Simple and Classic! These cakes are for you if you love simplicity and you’re into minimalist design. Cake by: […]