Wedding for the Minimalism and Nature Lovers

It seems as we live in the world where luxury and grandeur are more often sought after, there are those who still want it simple and minimalistic. This, in fact, is becoming a trend most especially in catering service and styling for weddings in the Philippines. Deviating from the usually extravagant details of the design […]


On Cesca’s Kitchen’s Menu: Top 3 Bestselling Desserts

Hello everyone! Today’s blog at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is sweet and delectable. That’s for sure because we are giving you a tooth- aching treat of the three best selling desserts every client we had loved from us. We feel you when you’re trying so hard to slash carbs a little from your diet. But a […]


Wedding Cakes and Pastries Suppliers in Lipa City: Cesca’s Special Feature

Looking for cakes and pastries suppliers for your event? We got this! We’ve been having such busy days providing catering service for weddings and other events in Lipa City, Batangas, and its nearby cities. It’s all thanks to you, our dearest clients who keep on choosing Cesca’s Kitchen Catering and who untiringly appreciate our work. […]

A Classic – Themed Wedding at Summit Point Lipa City

Thinking of holding your wedding reception at Summit Point Golf and Country Club in Lipa City, Batangas? Great! This wedding reception venue in Lipa is one of the most popular and preferred venues in the city and the province. The number one reason is that it offers a beautiful landscape for a scene and a […]


A Twist to a Classic-Themed Wedding at Valentino Resort

Hello everyone! One of the most popular wedding themes in the Philippines is the classic theme, and there’s a pretty much obvious reason for that. It’s timeless. As a catering service provider in Lipa City, Batangas and its nearby cities, Cesca’s Kitchen Catering observes that the simplicity and elegance of this theme have ever since […]


What Matters Most: Cesca’s Kitchen Personal Message

Great day everyone! Here at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering blog, we share with you through our posts our latest styling and catering gigs, our setups, some tips, trivia and much useful information every week. But today, we’d like to share something very personal with us on the team. It’s about you. Recently, we found a review […]


A Classic Themed Garden Wedding at Summit Point Lipa

Interested in a garden wedding this summer season? Awesome! Good day, everyone. Every year our summer at Cesca’s Kitchen is fun-filled with a lot of outdoor wedding ceremonies and reception set-up. From the beach to the pools to the gardens, clients just love to take advantage of the wonderful weather to create memorable moments as […]


A Rustic- Whimsical Wedding at Palazzo Antonio, Lipa City

Hi! Wonder what you would get if you put a fancy twist to our classic rustic theme? We know you’re curious about it too. So today, we are are sharing with you our recent set-up at the ever accomodating Palazzo Antonio, one of Lipa City’s finest hotel- resort and convention center located in Brgy. Tibig. […]


Dreamy Shabby Chic Themed Wedding at Valentino Resort and Spa

What a cold day! Ber months are here and there’s so much feel of that in the air. Mornings are becoming colder and colder and we’re all finding it more difficult to get out of our beds and wake up from our night dreams. But here at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we’re not getting away from […]


There are so Many Reasons (and Colors!) to Love This Theme

Hello everyone! We at Cesca’s Kitchen are spilling something to you today. You know, in many years of providing quality and affordable catering services in Batangas and nearby places like Laguna and in Tagaytay, we have set a long list of themes and motifs for different celebrations and other occasions. But, there really comes a […]