A Dreamy Classic Wedding at Summit Point, Lipa City

Hello everyone! We have blogged about Summit Point weddings numerous times on our website. We included the place in one of the Top 6 wedding venues in Lipa City, featured a rustic wedding in one of its halls, a Nautical themed wedding, and a garden wedding in this venue. Today, we are sharing with you our […]


Rustic Wedding Like No Other at Shercon Resort

There are many reasons to love weddings at Shercon Resort and Ecology Park in Mataas na Kahoy in Batangas. First, it offers a wide variety of accommodation for guests and spacious function halls and pavilions. Second, it has diverse and beautiful flora around it and a fantastic view of the Taal Lake and volcano. Third, […]


This Villa Natura Taal Wedding Will Mesmerize You

This wedding in Villa Natura Taal is absolutely for you if you love: Garden wedding Rustic Tropical And if you just checked all of them, we’re pampering you today with a lot of photos showing you how the combination of these three themes could create an enchanting look for your wedding. First of all, here’s […]


12 Reception Photos that Prove Emerald Green Motif is In

Emerald Green is in. Yes, this is what we at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering want to prove to you today. And to do that, we’re sharing you photos of Jay ar and Jaycel’s wedding reception at one of the most sought for garden wedding venues in Batangas, Abby’s Garden Resort. Okay. We honestly believe that any […]


This Setup Will Make Your Ultimate Garden Wedding

From the time of Romeo and Juliet up to today, flowers have never failed to give us a romantic feel. That’s why flowers have always found their special places in almost all occasions, including of course, wedding. In today’s blog, Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is sharing with you this flower- packed wedding ceremony setup at Maria […]


Wedding at Baserri de Lipa, Lipa City Batangas

Hello everyone! Today in Cesca’s Kitchen’s blog, we’re excited to share with you one of our setups in one of Lipa City and Batangas’ top wedding venues- Baserri de Lipa.   What’s so perfect about this wedding venue is the refreshing feel of nature around it. Plus, dining by the pool which is always a […]


2016’s Best Couple’s Area/ Backdrops Designs

It’s barely 3 days before the new year! Here at Cesca’s Kitchen, as much as we are excited for that fresh start, we also love to look back at everything we (with you!) have been through the whole 2016. We list down some of our favorite couple’s area and backdrops from our wedding styling/ catering gigs. […]

styling 3

Styling Up an Outdoor Wedding Venue

So, this is how we style up an outdoor venue: we enhance the look and the ambiance; we don’t alter them. Putting aluminium tiffany chairs in this yard full of full green foliage and rustic brown sturdy trees would make it look unnatural. These wooden chairs in contrast, creates a feel of an “extension” of the nature […]


3 Reasons Garden Wedding is an Excellent Idea

So you are deciding on wedding venue, and you are at one point considered doing it in a garden but having second thoughts. Let us help you with this one by saying: Yes! Garden wedding is an excellent idea, and here are the reasons why you should go for it: It’s scenic Nothings beats the […]