Rustic Theme Wedding at Lipa Verde Clubhouse

Wondering what a wedding at a clubhouse looks like? Hi. At Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we have been receiving a number of inquiries about where could be a perfect venue for a wedding. Is it in a garden, a resort, or simply in a clubhouse? Well, it always depends on your preference. All these are good […]


On the Menu: Cesca’s Pasta and Main Course Recommendation

Preparations for a celebration or event can be very stressful. You have to think about the budget, the theme, then the venue, the guests, the services,the invitations- and on top of that, you are thinking about the quality of these all to make sure everything is well on the day. But all of those stuff […]

styling 3

Styling Up an Outdoor Wedding Venue

So, this is how we style up an outdoor venue: we enhance the look and the ambiance; we don’t alter them. Putting aluminium tiffany chairs in this yard full of full green foliage and rustic brown sturdy trees would make it look unnatural. These wooden chairs in contrast, creates a feel of an “extension” of the nature […]