Summer Garden Wedding at La Finca Farm and Country Resort

Can’t get enough of summer? We can’t either. And we also can’t help getting busy with providing catering service to events and celebrations in Lipa City, Batangas, and nearby cities. The thing, though, is we’re beating the summer heat with setups that surely please our lovely clients. And if we’re to be really happy about […]


How to Celebrate Your Birthday Filipino Style

Step 1-  Hang the bunting Step 2- Set the tables Step 3- Transform the catering staff into women in traditional dress Step 4- Serve the food Step 5- Enjoy! Did Cesca’s Kitchen Catering nail this setup? Share your comments and like and share this on Facebook. Hurray!  


3 Reasons Why Cesca’s Kitchen Loves You

It’s great to be back! We hope all of you are doing great. We have been reflecting on our last year and we have decided to share with you today 3 of the many reasons why we love you so much from the first time we came in contact with each other until today. 1. […]