3 Special Wrapped Appetizers You Should Try at Cesca’s Kitchen

As the saying goes, “Start right and you can never go wrong.” What a great day today! Here at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we always make sure everything is well as we provide you with an affordable and top quality catering service anywhere in Batangas province, in Lipa City and nearby cities like Tanauan, Tagaytay and […]


On the Menu: Cesca’s Kitchen’s Tulingan Pasta

Batangauenos, like most Filipinos in general, prepare one pasta dish every single celebration at home. Be it baptismal, birthday, wedding, you sure will find it served. But if you are like us, you are also so over spaghetti with sweet meat sauce on a special occasion. And if you are a legit Batangueno pasta lover, this […]


5 Reasons to Love Rustic Vintage Wedding at Casa Luminaria this 2018

It’s 2018! Happy new year, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. It’s a brand new year ahead, and Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is still here to share with you a lot of stuff about wedding themes and motifs, wedding venues in Lipa City, Batangas and nearby cities, food, celebrations, events and many others […]


10 Photos that Prove Modern Filipiniana is Your Basic Wedding Style for 2017

We Filipinos are lovers of classics. From the retro music our grannies love to those beautifully painted plates and sophisticatedly designed green bowls (you are our age if you know these!) in their vintage cabinet. And even though we have totally embraced everything that’s modern, we will always long for that nostalgic feeling of childhood […]


Stories Behind Cesca’s Team

It has been a year since we to introduced to you our dedicated staff. Today, we’re sharing with you these wonderful short stories of our wonderful team. We’re sure you have met them in your events. Okay, so if ever you wondered whose gifted hands and critical eyes created your simple yet pleasing and sometimes […]


3 Reasons Why Cesca’s Kitchen Loves You

It’s great to be back! We hope all of you are doing great. We have been reflecting on our last year and we have decided to share with you today 3 of the many reasons why we love you so much from the first time we came in contact with each other until today. 1. […]


5 Cupcake Tables We Wish we Have at Home

Oh yes! We’re not done yet giving you some sweet treats. Today, Cesca’s Kitchen is taking you to a cupcake table hopping treat! Here are 5 of the most favorite cupcake tables loved by our clients. That cupcake Ferris wheel gives us some feels! Walking by this in the kitchen in the morning. What a life! […]


Rustic Wedding Styling by Cesca’s Kitchen

Many wedding themes have come and gone, but rustic is going to stay for very very long. Why is that? It’s because rustic looks invigorating and natural. Rustic is a wedding style that uses nature elements and natural organic colors (more or earth tones). So yes, you can expect to see greens, flowers, wood crafts and […]


Fresh from Cesca’s Kitchen: Mini Pizza Pandesal

Anybody else here who’s into pandesal? How about pizza? How about both?! Pandesal is a very common bread roll in the Philippines, most especially in Lipa City, Batangas. It has been part of every Filipino’s morning- from the countryside to the cities. In fact, it has been popular and noteworthy versatile that fast food chains […]


Fresh From Cesca’s Kitchen: Crispy Leche Flan

Attention all leche flan lovers! This one from Cesca’s Kicthen is especially for you all. We know this is your all time favorite for all occasions. Be it birthday, baptismal, wedding and many others, we all look forward to this dessert. But instead of serving in the traditional aluminum molder or “lyanera” or plain in plates, […]