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Coming from a family of foodies, Ces grew up with a wide variety of food on the table. Being well travelled, she is exposed to dishes served not just to be eaten but to be savoured. To make sure that she is sharing this wonderful experience with good food, Ces personally tastes them before serving them to you! And because she is sincerely concern about your satisfaction, she is always willing to adjust to your needs and preference not just in food but also the theme and style of your event. For Ces, it is more about caring for you that matters for the Kitchen to make your event remarkably delightful.

“Gusto ko ma-feel ng clients that they are important…Maganda kasi pag may personal touch…”

Celeste Maralit Lindog
Owner/ Manager


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When Cesca’s first chef left sometime in 2005, it seemed to be a door opening an unexpected opportunity both for the business and for Jerry. In 2001, Jerry worked as a food server in a school’s cafeteria, became the helper to Cesca’s first chef, and finally became Cesca’s Executive Chef in 2005. Since then, he has been preparing sumptuous dishes for the company’s clients. Ces has always known that Jerry, a fast and very eager learner and an enthusiastic cook, has the potential to be the head of the Kitchen. But above all, like Ces, Chef Jerry cares about your own personal taste. That is why he adjusts his recipe according to your preference!

“Gusto ko yung pagod sa pagluluto pag nakarating sa ibangtao, matutuwa sila.”

Jerry Acuna Sumcad
Executive Chef


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At Cesca’s Kitchen, there is only one name to call whenever a problem arises to spoil your party- Ate Weng. Ate Weng has been Ces’ right hand for some considerable good years at the Kitchen. She simply makes things right at the event whenever things go wrong. Since she started working as assistant, she has been performing very important tasks for the Kitchen- handling employees, talking to clients, monitoring purchases, writing reports, and monitoring an event. What a work load! But then, Ate Weng is very enthusiastic about working at Cesca’s- working even harder of course, for you.

“Gusto ko magustuhan ng clients yung pinaghirapan namen. Nakakawala ng pagod pag masayasila.”

Ma. Rowena Levita Calalo
Assistant Manager

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Cesca’s centrepieces are Emman’s artwork. From the planning, designing, and arranging the flowers for your tables, he is the person behind. Being a florist at his aunt’s shop was actually Emman’s job prior to working at Cesca’s, then HKape, in 2008. But the thing is that, he was hired as a waiter, and not until 2012, when Ces discovered Emman’s talent in flower arrangement, that he became the Kitchen’s official florist! And born a visual artist, he also helps Ces in styling by visualizing her ideas through sketches! Talent is really something with skills and experience, isn’t it?

“Para matuwa ang clients, masgagandahan ko pa ang gawako.”

Emmanuel QuintoLumbera