Nature on Your Table: A Rustic Wedding at Villa Natura Taal

Here’s what we think about wedding themes.

Shabby Chic is lovely. Classic? Elegant. But if we are into one wedding theme at Villa Natura Taal this time of the year? It’s Rustic!

We recently setup for a wedding at Batangas’ private events venue with a fantastic view of the Taal Lake in Balete, Batangas. The place is peaceful and quiet and overall, refreshing because of the luxury of nature around it- not just a great view but the flora and fauna and the freshest air far from that of the city.

The goal is to be in harmony with the venue’s surrounding to make the celebration more relaxed and fun at the same time. Old rose/ rustic theme is a great choice and allows for the incorporation of wood elements and greens in the design. It exudes an organic look- more of a garden ambiance which makes it more appealing and natural.

So what could be the best menu for a garden wedding like this? 

Our Beef Red Thai Curry was a hit to the guests.This is along with other dishes in the main course that include chicken, fish, and pork. For the dessert, we couldn’t do anything but let the guests and our clients indulge in Cesca’s Kitchen Catering’s signature dessert- mango crepe.

Would you love a wedding setup and menu like this? Give us a call and let us do the job for you!

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