On the Menu: Cesca’s Kitchen’s Tulingan Pasta

Batangauenos, like most Filipinos in general, prepare one pasta dish every single celebration at home. Be it baptismal, birthday, wedding, you sure will find it served. But if you are like us, you are also so over spaghetti with sweet meat sauce on a special occasion. And if you are a legit Batangueno pasta lover, this dish is certainly on your list.

Tulingan pasta is Cesca’s Kitchen Catering‘s best-selling pasta dish for all occasions. With our all-time favorite ulam tulingan, we localize the dish which is originally from Italian cuisine. Here, al dente spaghetti is tossed and sauteed with onion, garlic, fresh tomatoes and tulingan shreds, cooked into perfection by our very own Chef Jerry Sumcad.

Tulingan pasta is still one of the most selected offers in our wedding and debut packages for 2019 along with our equally succulent pork, beef, chicken, and fish main course.

Firm noodles, tender and flavorful meat,  and a taste of authentic Batangas’ tulingan served hot and fresh on you and your guests’ tables on a very special day.

We thought this is what you want, and so we bring it to you.

Would you love us to serve this for your celebration?

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