Main Course Specialty No. 1: Barako Pork Ribs

Ready for some Ala eh treat? Great!

Hello everyone. Today at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering blog, we are sharing with you a very special dish with a local twist by our very own Chef Jerry Sumcad– the Barako Pork Ribs, fresh from Cesca’s Kitchen’s Menu.

You read it right. Barako because the secret to this dish unique taste is none other than Batangas’ kapeng barako. As you know, the province, specifically in the City of Lipa, has become popular for its aromatic and strong- tasting coffee. Kapeng barako belongs to the specie of Liberica coffee known for its strong bitter taste.

Now, you may be imagining of a bitter- tasting meat in sauce. Nah, nothing to worry because Chef Jerry has masterfully mixed pure kapeng barako beans extract in the sauce with the right measurement at the exact timing to make it taste gentle but distinct. You got to try it for the experience. It’s more than worth it!

Putting kapeng barako in the recipe is part of our desire to make authentic tasting dishes that personify our beloved province of Batangas. And we are confidently recommending this for a main course in your event, be it a corporate gathering, or a social event like wedding.

And oh, did you know we were featured in a leading TV network for this? Yup! Here, we shared other recipes with kapeng barako in them.

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