This Golden State Warriors Themed Birthday Party Just Nailed It

We all want to give the best for our loved ones, and celebration is one of them. So for moms out there who’s in search of a creative, lively and a champ theme for her little boy, this one’s our pick for you for today: a Golden State Warriors themed party at Rose Villas Resort, Brgy. San Jose in Lipa City.

Yah, yah. We, moms are… not really into this basketball thing, but we know that Stephen Curry is cool, that Golden State is a big thing and that boys love them. Your husbands know this guy and this team for sure!

Now, Sebastian here who’s celebrating his first birthday is very young to even understand what basketball is. But believe us, he will feel wonderful when he grows up and figures out his parents just nailed his party with a popular basketball theme.

Here’s how you can do it too.

You’re gonna need a cool venue

the coolest entrance

a welcome area where you can show your little angel’s photos (and your family’s photos too)

some blue, gold/ yellow, and white balloons to hang on the ceiling

tables for your guests where you’ll serve a tasty meal

giveaways in a shelf with fired up balls on the sides (yeah!)

an awesome birthday cake, of course!

cupcakes for the kids

some treats stalls

… more treats

and a brilliantly designed space to stage the program and fun games!

We from Cesca’s Kitchen Catering hope you like this! Now, all you need is you and your whole family, your little boy and your guests. Happy celebration!



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