All About Food Tasting at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering

If you have an upcoming event and considering food tasting, these information might be helpful for you.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about food tasting at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering.

1.Who goes to food tasting?

Food tasting is for everyone interested in availing our services. There are two options for you. Reserve and finalize the event booking with us thru a security deposit of P10,000.00 or pay P4,000.00 to P5,000.00 for the dishes subject for food tasting if you haven’t finalize the booking yet. Though, 50% of this amount is refundable if you decided to book with us.

2. Is it really important to do one before the event?

Yes. Cesca believes we have unique tastes in food and so we make adjustments according to your preference.

3. What to do to schedule a food tasting at Cesca?

First, choose a package and one set of menu, give us call at Globe: 0917-5077032/ Smart: 0998- 572 -5805 or contact us through our Facebook messenger, and give us the details of your choice. After that, we’ll set a schedule with you. Please note that the menu is subject to our chef’s approval.

4. Why is my menu choice still subject  to approval?

The chef needs to see first the chosen menu to check if the flavors of the dish compliment each other, like if the dishes are too dry or all are smothered in sauce or all might be too sweet. We would love to assist you in choosing the best combination of dishes.

5. When is the ideal schedule of food tasting?

It is best if you can do the food tasting months before your event. This is for us to reserve a slot and then prepare for the possible adjustment after you have your first Cesca’s Kitchen food experience.

6. How many persons is the food tasting for?

Food tasting is for 4 persons.

7. Do I need to bring anything on the scheduled day?

On the day of the food tasting, you will have to pay 50% amount of the contract price. Also inform us of your chosen theme for the event, so we may suggest a menu that’s coordinated with your theme. It is not necessary though that the menu is coordinated with the theme.

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