1. What kind of events do you cater?
– We cater all occasions, parties, and social or corporate gatherings. We just so love celebrations and events!

2. Do you cater outside Batangas?
– Yes, we do. You just have to inform us as early as possible.

3. How early should be our reservation?
– For wedding, we recommend that you book as early as a year before the date of the event. But if you failed to do so, we will still consider a 3 to 4 month- reservation and booking. For other events or parties, you may make reservation as early as 6 months before the event.

4. Do we have to pay down payment upon reservation?
– Yes, you may, but not necessarily. You may make your initial payment after your official booking of a certain date. However, you have to pay Ten thousand pesos (P10,000) upon reservation as reservation fee.

5. Can we cancel our booking?
– Yes, you can ,and we will surely understand. However, the reservation fee you paid is non-refundable and non- transferrable. If in case you have already paid a certain amount (as down payment) prior to cancelling your booking, a certain percentage will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to you. The percentage depends on how close the date of cancellation is from the date of the event.

6. Can we change our pre booked menu?
– Yes, you can as long you inform us at least 2 – 3 weeks before event.

7. Do you have food tasting?
– Yes, we have a food tasting good for 2-4 pax because we value your say about the food for your event. You just have to contact us and book and appointment.

8. Can we bring our food at the event?
– Yes, we allow our clients to bring “extra food” at the event.  In this case, you have to sign a contract waiving the company in case of unexpected instances (like food poisoning). But hey! We have a very wonderful chef, Chef Jerry! You don’t want to miss his dishes. Nonetheless, we accept food orders (paluto) and rent of tables and chairs.

9. Can we take home left overs?
– Yes, you can. But before we hand them to you, we make sure that the food is in good condition for your safety.

10. Can we bring drinks / alcohol?
– Yes, but then, you have to inform us beforehand to avoid problems and misunderstanding. We don’t charge corkage fee for the drinks; however, we charge for cleaning of mess brought by drinking. The amount depends upon the quantity of liquor.

11. Can we customized menu?
– Of course! This is what makes Cesca a great choice. You can mix- match dishes according to your taste and preference.

12. Is the amount of food exact per/ pax as booked?
– Cesca allots 10% buffer. This means that we have 20 servings allowance for a 200 pax event. This does not mean that the buffer is for an additional 20 persons; instead, for above average eaters. On the other hand, if it is a managed buffet, it is considerable for extra persons.