This Could be Your Classic 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception Look

Who can ever forget the jitters days before her wedding day? We bet no one. That was our biggest day ever after all!

Well, 50 years is going to pass like a cold wind in summer. It’s gonna be so fast we’re all be so surprised we have spent 50 long years roller coaster ride with our wonderful (sometimes annoying, but cute) husbands. And so yeah, we’ll be back to that first day we walked down the aisle to the man we would spend the rest of our lives with.

Today, we’re sharing with you some photos of a golden wedding anniversary our lovely couple celebrated with Cecsa’s Kitchen catering. See how simple but classy their golden reception is. This could be yours too.

The VIP tables

Your guests’ dining

Cesca’s Kitchen’s Dishes by Chef Jerry Sumcad

A lechon for everyone!

A classy wedding cake, sweet as the 50 years that passed

The couple’s area

And dining together like it’s the first time.

It feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?

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