Christmas Party Planning Tips from Cesca’s Kitchen Catering

Christmas bells are ringing!

Hi everyone and welcome back to Cesca’s Kitchen Catering blog. We know you are all looking forward not just the Christmas day but the Christmas parties coming ahead! If you happen to be the “busy one” planning the party for your family, friends,or for work, we have a short list of tips we are sharing with you today. We hope to make your planning easy and fun!

1. Choosing a theme

Themed parties are still the best. There are a lot of Christmas party themes to choose from. Some popular themes are Winter wonderland, Masquerade, Santa’s workshop, Candy Christmas, and some even do Hawaiian to bring sunshine to the party or Fiesta to make it more Pinoy!

Choosing a theme is not only fun in itself; it also helps you determine the design you are going to make for the venue and the food you or your caterer will prepare. It’s always the best first step- in a rush or not.

Tip: Choose something you’ve never done before.

2. Choosing the venue

Hawaiian? Take it to a beach resort. It’s going to be amusing! If you have your theme in mind, it is much easier to choose the best venue for your party. These are some things to consider when choosing a venue:

        The capacity of the venue. If you’re about 150 pax, make sure the venue’s maximum is not exactly 150 or less than that. Comfortability is still a priority.

         Location. You may want to make sure everybody’s okay with a 5- hour drive to the venue before booking. If you all think it’s worth it, go ahead. If not, choose some place nearer.

          Accommodation. If the party is going to take until late at night, choose a venue that also  offers rooms for guests.

          Limitations. Ask about the restrictions. For example, if you have booked a caterer and the venue management do not allow suppliers from outside because they have an in- house catering service, you’re in trouble. IT’s always helpful to ask.

3. Potluck or catered?

Potluck is fun, but it is equally tiring and will definitely take time- doing the grocery and cooking (let alone transporting your dish to the venue). If you are not into the hassle, you might want to book your trusted caterer. Reserve your energy for the party!

4. Assigning food or Book a caterer

If you choose potluck for your party, you may want to list down all the food you want for the party and start assigning (or volunteering) to prepare a dish. You don’t want to be surprised that three people bring the same dish on the day.

If you want the hassle free option, call your caterer. The crew will take care of the cooking and serving for you. Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is the leading caterer in Lipa City, Batangas. If you are around the area or in nearby cities, we’d be glad to accommodate your calls!

5. Games and Gimmicks

Games and gimmicks are for the young and for the old! If you’re running out of ideas, Google is always at your fingertips. Look for new games to add to the fun in your party. And don’t forget to prepare prizes!

Enjoy the party!

Now, you just got to enjoy this once in a year funday!

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