On Cesca’s Kitchen’s Menu: Top 3 Bestselling Desserts

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering is sweet and delectable. That’s for sure because we are giving you a tooth- aching treat of the three best selling desserts every client we had loved from us.

We feel you when you’re trying so hard to slash carbs a little from your diet. But a special occasion requires a special surprise on the table. For our battle cry: desserts are forever!

1.Crispy Halo-halo with Ice Cream

Forget about the crushed- ice. Crispy halo- halo is best to go after any main course.

2. Mango Dulce de Leche Layers

Forget about graham cakes. We have a more indulging and mouth-watering layer for you.

3. Brownie ala Mode

Save the best for last. Brownies are forever!

Which one would you love to be served in your celebration?

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