Cesca’s Kitchen at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center Service Awards 2018

Corporate events don’t have to be dull.

Hello everyone! In today’s blog, we at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering are going to show you how a corporate event can still look fabulous. Here’s our recent setup for Mary Mediatrix Medical Center’s Service Awards.

The event was held at Lilian Hall in MMMC. This year’s theme? None other than The Greatest Showman.

It’s true that sometimes, corporate events become boring and something employees and guests don’t look forward to. But with a well- planned activity like this one by the MMMC management and with third-party suppliers working with them, boring is nowhere in the air all throughout. It’s all about four factors, we say: the program, the look, the service, and the food.

As a catering service provider based in Lipa City, Batangas, we have done various setups for corporate events and we try each time to make it different and visually appealing.

We are most concerned about details- even the smallest ones for we took a vow for great aesthetics and quality!


And of course, we not only style the event. We serve appetizing dishes cooked not just to be eaten, but to be savored. On the menu: dynamite spring rolls, cheese sticks, Pinoy nachos, steamed fish fillet in mango ginger sauce, cheesy chicken baked pasta, baked rosemary chicken, crispy leche flan with ice cream.

Here’s for an eye- feast!

Love this for your next corporate event? Tell us what you think!

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