A Rustic Beach Wedding at Laiya Coco Grove Resort Batangas

Excited about summer? We are too, and we can’t be more excited about anything than the beach!

Summertime is beach time. We all keep thinking about it since the coldest days of last year’s last quarter. In fact, we think of the beach not only for vacations and fun activities but for celebrations and other occasions like weddings.

Recently, we had a rustic beach wedding setup at Laiya Coco Grove in San Juan, Batangas. Like other setups and catering service we did before in beaches, this one is all fun to work out. The natural beauty of the view and the refreshing atmosphere by the shore give a different twist to the rustic theme of the reception. Aside from that, isn’t it always fun to stroll, with this fine white sand beneath your feet?

Here are some photos of our setup.

You know what will be perfect for a wedding reception at the beach? A wedding ceremony before sunset and reception during sunset and party in the evening!

What do you think?

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