3 Wedding Themes to Love from Cesca’s Kitchen Catering

So you’ve seen all these kinds of themes and motifs for a very special celebration- your wedding, or a relative’s or a friend’s. And you are more confused than ever which one to choose.

Here’s what we bet.

You want it all visually pleasing.

If this is the case, we got this for you today. In this blog, we share with you our personal pick of the three wedding themes in our gallery. Ready? Here we go.

1. Dreamy Shabby Chic

You want that stylish and sophisticated look of shabby chic, but you also want it hazy and dreamlike. Here’s what we have for you. It isn’t Alice in Wonderland or Snow White, but just imagine yourself here with the man of your dreams.

See more of the Dreamy Shabby Chic theme.

2. Bohemian

You are a free- spirited person who loves nature and freedom and you want your wedding to reflect that personality. Here’s boho for you from one of our partner suppliers, Flowers and Greens. Yep, with the flowers and so much of the countryside in it.

See more of the Bohemian theme.

3. Nautical

Love the sea? Perfect. We got you a nautical – themed wedding. Surely it’s amazing to sit on this sofa with the ambiance of seafaring around you, with all the naval designs behind you in this couple’s area.

See more of Nautical theme

Made up your mind yet?

Tell us what you think of these 3 themes we shared with you!

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