3 Special Wrapped Appetizers You Should Try at Cesca’s Kitchen

As the saying goes, “Start right and you can never go wrong.”

What a great day today! Here at Cesca’s Kitchen Catering, we always make sure everything is well as we provide you with an affordable and top quality catering service anywhere in Batangas province, in Lipa City and nearby cities like Tanauan, Tagaytay and Calamba. As a team, we are clinching on starting right, getting to work, and wrapping it up well done, be it styling or serving you our best dishes.

And speaking of “start” and “wrap”, we’re giving you today three wrapped appetizers from our menu that are guaranteed to kick your taste buds for a full and satisfying course ahead.

1. Crispy Tilapia Wrap

No, this is not your ordinary appetizer. In a bite, you will taste the sweetness and juiciness of tilapia and the organic and raw taste of the mustasa leaf, best to go with the North’s specialty, Buro.

2. Lechon Wrap

Level up your lechon experience with lechong kawali wrapped in tortilla wrapper.

3. Batangueño Burrito

So what makes this burrito Batangueño? You could guess, there’s no better way but to include tapang taal in the recipe! Now, that is 100% Batangas.

Which of the three would you likely have us serve in your next event? Tell us what you think by leaving your comments in the comment section.

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