10 Wedding Cakes for Any Type of Woman

Weddings are not complete without a delectable cake on the side. In fact, sometimes these cakes are spotlight stealers in the reception area. Well, if wedding cakes are these gorgeous, it’s no doubt they could actually catch your guests’ eyes.

But admit it or not, one of the most crucial choices we make in our wedding is for this layers of sweet mouth-watering cakes.

Today at Cesca’s Kitchen, we bring you 10 cakes we and our partner suppliers made our clients excited and so happy about. If you’re a woman, a princess type or the classy type, it’s impossible not to like one of these. So here’s one:

For the princesses

Cake by Baker’s Studio

For the lovers of a starry night

Cake by Baker’s Studio

For those missing the sweet little girl they were

Cake by Baker’s Studio

For the lovers of simplicity 

For those who want it classic Filipiniana but modern

Cake by: Mom’s Kitchen

For those obsessed with black and white

Or with green

Cake by Sugar and Blooms

For those who like it outside, in a garden

Cake by: Mom’s Kitchen

And those who love it Rustic

Cake by Mom’s Kitchen

From Cesca’s Kitchen and partner suppliers with love!

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